Zombie Apocalypse (Extract from Mass Fiction)

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Zombie Instances, May 2012

Newsweek & The Daily Beast is tracking news of instances that may be the precursor to a zombie apocalypse. Blue pins represent suspicious incidences or infections, while red pins represent acts of strange violence. ps..

The story of Obama’s childhood is essentially one of repeated abandonment. That has led to a very narcissistic personality that is constantly seeking self-validation via public accolade. Hence Obama’s obsession with his “cool.”

Narcissism often goes hand in hand with grandiosity. Obama takes pleasure in the drone strikes because it gives him a feeling of power. It makes him feel like almighty Zeus hurling thunderbolts from Mount Olympus.

Various questionable encounters between the young Barack Obama and Frank Marshall Davis, often involving prostitution (though probably not involving any actual sexual contact with Obama), left both homosexual and misogynistic impressions on the young man.

Obama’s marriage of convenience to the charmless, domineering Michelle Robinson heightened Obama’s misogynistic tendencies, and along with his many other dysfunctional relationships, gradually pushed Obama into sadism. This sadism likewise contributes to Obama’s enjoyment of drone strikes. Blowing people up, often arbitrarily, mostly just for the fun of it.

Obama’s admiration for Islam is also related to his misogyny and his marriage to Michelle. He envies the way Muslim men have forced their wives to “know their place.”

Disturbingly, this psychological profile of Barack Obama is much the same as that of infamous serial killers such as Henry Lee Lucas, John Wayne Gacy, and Dennis Rader. Only this particular psychopath sits in the most powerful office in the world. And to think that I, a sociopathic bull dyke, voted for him. Boy do I feel foolish now. I actually believed what he said and I’m in my 60’s. I let that little chimp lead me into the downfall of everything. I’ll never trust my multiple personalities again!

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