Andy Warhol Diaries

Sugar Ray Robinson by Jean Michel Basquiat 1982

Excerpt from The Andy Warhol Diaries.

Monday, October 8, 1984

Picked up Jean Michel and he has people ringing his bell every fifteen seconds, it reminded me of the old Factory. He says things like, ‘ Listen man, why don’t you call before you come over.’ A guy he’d given fun drawings to once when he was needing a place to stay sold them now for a fortune – $5,000 or something. So Jean Michel’s finding out how you have to be a business, how it all stops being just fun, and then you wonder, What is art? Does it really come out of you or is it a product? It’s complicated.

Oh I forgot to say that Dr Rossi’s kid who’s just out of Yale wants to do videos and so I’m sending him to talk to Vincent. Dr. Rossi’s the doctor that saved my life in ’68 when I was shot.

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