Icon Art Gallery Pink Latex Bunny Woman

Pink Latex Bunny Woman from Pure Evil. I remember when this picture first became available from POW, it interested me at the time and I have long considered purchasing it. So imagine my surprise when I find a site selling it, this was a 2008 edition of 10, so very rare.

The site is http://iconart.ca they have a very interesting selection of street art including some rare Faile prints, Shepard Fairey, Dave Kinsey, many prints become available that are not listed on the site so its worth joining the mailing list, if you are a UK collector you may wish to take advantage of the good exchange rate on dollar/euro as this site is based in Canada but deals in dollars. I heard that street art broadly speaking appreciates 20% in value per year, so you can work out the advantages of buying from Canada while US dollar weak. I love this from D*Face..

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