mel·an·chol·y /ˈmelənˌkälē/

Ute Schätzmüller1 Ute Schätzmüller2

Malerei – daniel sparks (II)

Translated from the artist web site “My work life of contrasts and ambivalence. I paint large-scale, expressive and rough ragged images on canvas and prints on fine handmade paper filigree wire in essence poetic worlds lithography.

My pictures need light and darkness. Light enables us to see, it is the existential basis of the visual arts. It illuminated my mind, captures images and makes them visible to the viewer. Darkness makes life possible. By the suggestiveness of my work to the Black has an important function: Odilon Redon called the black as the main color of all: “la Couleur plus essential”.

My pictures are painted thoughts. They arise from intellectual reliving read or even devised and experienced stories. They are excerpts from another world, which shows how scraps of a big whole for any torn up its own, very specific and personal scene, but all together form a continuum of my work, my very own kingdom.

My field is the life: birth, death and the in-between. It interests me, and the emergence of the offense, as well as the states on the path from one to the other, however, is that time and this time the focus of employment. Black, white and gray in between the – in all its colorful facets”

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