Midgets 1913, printed 1990 by August Sander 1876-1964

Cipher, do not cipher. Work over the illusion. Create illusion to create an event. make enigmatic what is clear, render unintelligible what is only too intelligible, make the event itself unread-ble. Accentuate the false transparency of the world to spread a terroristic confusion about it, or the germs and viruses of a radical illusion-in other words, a radical disillusioning of the real. Viral pernicious thought, corrosive of meaning, generative of an erotic perception of reality’s turmoil.  The absolute rule is to give back more than you were given. never less always more. The absolute rule of thought is to give back the world as it was given to us – unintelligible. And, if possible, to render it a little more unintelligible.

from The Perfect Crime written by Jean Baudrillard

image ‘Midgets’ by August Sanders from Tate and National Galleries of Scotland.